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i removed my masterposts because i heard tumblr was deleting some blogs for spreading links around.

if there's a show/movie u wanna watch, shoot me an ask and i can redirect you to some places with good links

March 23rd
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actual dialogue 

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March 21st
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to the edge of the earth; it’s a brave new world. it’s a brave new world.

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March 20th
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Rise and Shine, Greenie.

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March 20th
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March 20th
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what if one day you open the internet to find that google, facebook, tumblr, pornhub, youtube and all these other popular websites have joined together to become one big social platform

francieum what are you even doing on pornhub

looking up gardening tips what the fuck else

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March 19th
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March 19th
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"My mom used to say: ‘Everything works out the way it’s supposed to’"

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March 19th
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anywhere i would have followed you
you’re the one that i love
and i’m saying goodbye
i’m sorry that i couldn’t get to you 

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March 19th
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March 19th
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